Ashley and Bobby’s story began in South Korea, where they met working as Edutainers at Gyeonggi English VillageThroughout their time at GEV they witnessed the joy and growth that can come from theatre that is both entertaining and educational, and found they were ultimately inspired themselves. Ashley dreamed of bringing their shows to the States, and after being able to test their material on students from a U.S. Military base, and much encouragement from American teachers, she enlisted the help of Bobby to make their dream a reality. Since acquiring ownership of the original English Village material, the two have been carefully crafting and editing productions that are both unique and familiar, and aim to create a family friendly theatrical experience that incorporates educational and ethical values.


The birth of WhatFun! Theatre has been a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. All of our current shows are based on source material that was created by Edutainers at GEV. However, all of the scripts have been adapted for American audiences, and adjusted based on feedback from previous productions. All shows also include new and updated songs written by Ashley and Bobby.

Bobby Becher is originally from Huntsville, Alabama, and holds a BA in Theatre with minors in Voice and Dance from the University of Alabama. After graduating in 2011, Bobby lived in New York City until venturing to South Korea in March of 2012. As an English Village Edutainer, Bobby worked as a director, music director, choreographer, and accompanist, but his primary contributions came as a composer and playwright. During his 2+ years edutaining, Bobby wrote 3 original Main Stage scripts. He also composed over 40 original songs, including the complete scores and orchestrations for 4 Main Stage productions. Bobby also composed incidental and fight music for a number of shows, and provided additional orchestrations for 3 other Main Stage productions. Currently based in NYC, Bobby continues to work as an actor and freelance composer.

Ashley Mills grew up in the heart of the midwest, on the Mississippi River in Iowa. She holds a BFA in Music Theatre from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. After graduation, she moved to NYC and worked as an actress around the U.S. for 3.5 years before moving across the world to South Korea. Along with performing, she was able to grow other passions as she worked as a choreographer, costumer, and director, before becoming the Artistic Director. As Artistic Director she worked closely with writers, composers and designers to create the productions each season. She developed her love for education through directing and teaching in a teacher training program for English teachers; helping them learn to integrate drama into the classroom. Because of her involvement in this program, she was asked to speak and perform workshops at Korea’s continuing education home office. Happily back in NYC, Ashley continues to work as an actress, and also does project management/contract work for the New York company Broadway Bodies.



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