It would be remiss of us to not thank the Edutainers who contributed to the original creation of these shows. So, THANK YOU to the Edutainers of Summer 2012 - Spring 2014:


Khristy Chamberlain

Carrie Colton

Samuel J. Craig

Lydia Davis

Ryan Dawley

Marc de la Concha

Eric Doades

Alyssa Dye

Sarah Gawron

Micah Hein

Ralph Krumins

Kyle McEwen

Stephanie Faatz Murry

Matthew Murry

Eileen Peterson

Briony Price

Ryan Quick

Mike Racioppa

Molly Robinson

Sheryl Beth Silvers

Amber Snyder

Anthony Michael Stokes

Paul Thomas

Nina Waters

Laura Wheeler

Ashley Whiting

Brian Patrick Williams




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