You can bring a WhatFun! show to your school or community group!


All of our shows run approximately 45-50 minutes and each one includes it’s own unique forms of audience participation. We believe that education and entertainment go hand in hand, so these fun and familiar tales have each been hand-crafted to bolster educational and ethical concepts, all the while engaging and enchanting audiences. While our shows do list a suggested age group, they are appropriate for all levels, and fun for teachers and students alike.

Looking to enhance the educational experience? Each show has it’s own set of study guides and activity booklets uniquely crafted to engage students and strengthen the connection between learning and play. These materials are designed specifically to address and utilize each level of cognitive thinking.



Study Guides

Using the English Language and Literature standards from Common Core Curriculum, we’ve developed study guides for both before and after the performance. You can use these questions to help create connections between the performance and the material you’re covering in class. Pre-show material is geared toward preparing students with key elements, and giving them specific details to look for, while the post-performance questions ask students to compare and contrast different aspects, and make associations with familiar stories.



Activity Booklets

Our booklets are broken up into age groups: Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, and 7-8th grade. Each book has a set of fun puzzles, activities, exercises, and “diary entries”, that will require students to use all the levels of cognitive learning: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.


Looking to make your experience more interactive? Your group/students can work hands on with our actors in any number of workshops. You can choose from the list below or we can work with you to design a session that will fit your needs. All workshops can be adapted for any age level. Length can be catered to best suit your situation, but we recommend no less than 1 hour.


Basic Theatre

Explore basic theatrical concepts including conveying emotion, active listening, and working in a group onstage. Depending on time and age level, it may also include stage orientation, script analysis, design and directorial elements, and practice on scene work.


Creative Learning

Learn and reinforce English concepts like grammar, spelling, and sentence structure with fun games. Your students will get so wrapped up in the fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning!



Through group activities and games, learn the key components of a story, how to convey them clearly and specifically, and how to use unique details to enhance it. This session is also geared toward team building and working in groups.



Learn to think on your feet and have fun with friends in this game driven session. Improv will enhance positive thinking and boost confidence, all the while training the brain to be faster and more flexible.


Rhythm and Dance

Students will learn different rhythms and how to express them with their bodies. This session can be done as a large group, or once basic concepts are taught, students will be broken into groups to create their own rhythm performance.


Looking for a children’s show to complete your season, but tired of the traditional cycle? Our shows are fresh and fun, and certain to enhance your line-up!


We deliver superb quality without the high prices. All shows come with:


  • script
  • sheet music
  • fully orchestrated tracks for all songs and incidental music
  • rehearsal tracks for individual parts


Each show runs approximately 45-50 minutes with no intermission, but there are suggested intermission options to accommodate your needs.


Does your theatre host a lot of school groups? For an additional fee, you can purchase study guides and classroom prep materials.


Read more about our individual shows to find one that suits your needs.

You can submit a request here and someone will get back to you with more details soon!



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